New site up!

I finally got the work done, and here’s the result! I moved from Dupal to WordPress, as it feels better for my needs. So far I’ve enjoyed it more than Drupal.

I didn’t keep all of the content from my old site: I recreated most of it and added some new content. I also went through links to my site with Google’s Webmaster Tools, and added redirects to urls which are linked to from other sites (and resurrected one blog post).

It’s been a while since I did any PHP, HTML or CSS. I almost got frustrated for a moment, but after reading this article, things progressed much easier. Thanks to the author, Andrew Tetlaw! I was also inspired by David Robillard’s site, which is mostly based on the Barthelme theme. However, I started out with Automattic’s Toolbox theme, customizing most of it.

If you find something that looks or feels strange, please comment!

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