Crumbled Earth

Crumbled Earth is a two player tank game created as a school project work. It was written by a group of three, including myself. It is written in C++, and it uses ClanLib heavily. ClanLib is a cross platform C++ toolkit library with a primary focus on games.
I was responsible for coding the sound engine, GUI, player input handling and random terrain generator.

The game is played by two people on the same computer (and keyboard). Two tanks are placed on an island and both players are given control over one of them. The objective is to shoot at the other tank by moving around and adjusting the shooting power and angle. The game is played in real-time.

The most interesting part of the game is the deformable and collapsing terrain (thus the name Crumbled Earth, paying homage to the game Scortched Earth) and the vast configurability of different parameters of the physics engine, making it possible to change the nature of the game.

Screenshots and more about the game can be read from the project documentation.


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