ReverbTuner is a program that uses AI to tune LV2 reverb parameters to match a convolution reverb. It’s a school project made for an AI course, and is a rather quick hack. It’s probably the lousiest ever LV2 host, and will crash with some plugins. However, it works, and the basic architecture should be rather good :)

I’ve designed it to be as modular and scalable as possible, so using other plugin standards or distributing the computational load over a network should not be too hard. Also, the basic concept should work for any LTI effect, not only reverbs.

More details (including build instructions) in the paper I wrote for school.

To build, you’ll need: boost, SLV2, (a git version of) Aubio, Libsndfile, and Gtkmm for the UI.

The code can be checked out from svn.

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